Silver Sport 2 by Drive Medical

The Silver Sport 2 from Drive Medical offers added bonus adjustments to the wheelchair line-up. The Silver Sport Wheelchair is a dual axle hemi height. This means that the distance of the seat from the floor is adjustable so that the patient, if capable, may use their legs to self propel. The breaks are easy to apply for the patient, due to the push to lock, as opposed to the standard pulling motion generally need to apply the breaks. Elevating leg rests provide added comfort, with an easy button to extend the foot plate for precise comfort. The arm rests are padded and have a variety of uses. As seen in the picture they are lower in the front to allow the wheelchair to tuck under a table. The arm rests may also be switched around so that the taller portion is in the front so that the patient will have a higher platform to push off from when exiting the chair. Lastly, the arm rests may be removed all together to aid in the transfer of the patient to and from the wheelchair.

Seat Width: 16 inches

Seat Depth: 16 inches

Seat to floor height: 17.5″-19.5″

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

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